Mother’s Day Reflection

Osho supposedly stated that the moment a child is born so is a mother. This would explain why so many women have difficulty adjusting to change in their world, change in their bodies and change in what their role as a person would look like. Our identities change and we often feel like something is wrong with us, but in fact nothing is wrong with us… we have been reborn.

We are reborn over and over again at every stage our child grows and changes. After all, we do need to keep up with them to understand them. But in this world today of social media, social pressures and schools that don’t support the new generation life can get confusing and difficult.

Women are married to someone they love… hopefully. They might have the opportunity to travel, to buy a home to explore the world of music festivals and freedom. Then, a child is born. A child is born and that woman takes that moment very seriously. It may not come to the man as quickly as a woman, but a woman especially a high achiever, intelligent, a serious woman will take this new life very seriously. This is not a judgement. There are many types of mothers and many types of parenting. One thing is for sure no matter what socio-economically background you come from, no matter how much or how less education or experience a woman might have they take being a mother seriously. Some mothers can cope with this seriousness and some have more difficulty. But, in every disquise a woman cares about her children no matter what stage or enviornment she has settled into.

On this American Mother’s Day let’s reflect upon how we can support each other more. Women supporting women. Women looking out for other women. Mothers looking out for other mothers. We are the nurtures. We are the people who shape the world. Please be kind to one another.

How do you manage your mental health?