Staying Connected and Friendship during COVID-19 Lockdown

With the recent UK Government announcement on the news, it’s more important now than ever to support each other and acknowledge and show appreciation for your friendship circles and families. Since we are unfortunately going into our second lockdown of 2020, we are focusing on good energy for November and the importance of good friendships. For many, November is a challenging time of year anyway in England with the Winter coming in and most of the daylight being during working and school hours, meaning you spend less time outside, depending on what you do for a living! I challenge you to use this time to focus on personal development, maintaining and growing your relationships in a healthy and positive way and really show this virus who is boss… you are. You are in control of how you respond to this lockdown.

Let’s explore the concept of ‘friendship’ for a moment. Friendship, by definition, is a ‘relationship between two friends’ and ‘a state of mutual trust, respect and affection between two people’. Friendships are so important to me personally and I couldn’t get through life without them.

What does ‘friendship’ mean to me personally?

To me, friends are people who should bring you joy, laughter and peace. Friends should be reliable, trustworthy and loyal. They should not make you feel jealous or unworthy. If your friendships bring you any negative energy or make you feel guilty for any reason, they cannot be healthy friendships. If you can think of anyone in mind whose ‘friendship’ includes those kind of feelings, perhaps consider ducking out slowly or ‘distancing’ yourself from the relationship. It sounds hard but it will be healthier in the long run for you.

Stay connected during the second lockdown…

  • Keep communicating. In such difficult times, especially for those who suffer at this time of year with the cold and dark weather, it can be easy to slip into poor habits. Some of these habits might include avoiding communication and hiding away from the world around us. Yes, we are being instructed to stay indoors where possible and avoid socialising, but that does not mean we need to stop communicating. Thanks to modern day technology, there are many ways you can keep in touch and stay connected to the people in your life. Telephone, email, messenger, social media and other ways. Let’s challenge ourselves to not avoid our loved ones but rather, embrace them (virtually). Why not send a letter/card to perk your loved ones up who you cannot be with during November?
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Finally, I encourage you to look after yourself during this period. I know the thought of going into another lockdown or isolation period can be anxiety-inducing but let’s use this time wisely. We must support each other. Strength lies in unity.

We can do this.

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How do you manage your mental health?